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Made in Germany for Asia

Mission to Asia

Communication. Made in Germany for Asia.

We are living in what many are now calling the 'Chinese Century'. For German businesses, emerging opportunities in China have sprouted across a range of industries, market sectors and geographic locations. Our objective is to create a content mix that sets you apart from your competitors and attract Chinese customers. We:

  • CONNECT – understand the customer and all market conditions.
  • ENGAGE – adapt the communication to address local needs.
  • SUCCEED – benchmark activities and refine the output.

The HYBRAND Factor

Consulting. Made in Germany for Asia.

HYBRAND is Germany's first full-service agency to provide professional services for German manufactures who wish to expand to the Asian markets. Based in Hamburg we employ marketing specialists from Germany and various Asian countries, who understand both the clients' needs and the local markets. We leverage our experience and knowledge to the advantage of your brand.

Winning in China

Brand awareness. Made in Germany for Asia.

The label "Made in Germany" evokes perceptions of quality, efficiency and trust. But although a German brand is highly successful here, there is no guarantee that it will be successful in China. Why? Linguistic, cultural differences are monumental barriers especially for those without offices throughout China.

Local distributors and importers may offer a good sales platform but they tend to be poor in solving marketing challenges. HYBRAND can resolve this dilemma.

German brand owner
Your brand is successful in Germany. We'll make it fit for China.
Europe to Asia
Local distributor
Your distributor can focus on his job. Improving distribution.
Chinese customer
We'll sharpen customer awareness and build brand desire.

Made in Germany for Asia

What makes HYBRAND the best in the industry.

HYBRAND is the first agency to provide professional services for German manufacturers who wish to expand to the Asian markets. We employ marketing people from Asia who live in Hamburg. They know their markets and can use this knowledge to the advantage of your brand.

We offer first-class digital communication in Asia. From holistic brand consulting and strategy to implementation from a single source. Our experienced team of experts provide advice and creations to improve your marketing in China. Our services include:


  • Market Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Media Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution channel & Store checks

Social Media

  • Social Media account setup & management
  • Content strategies & creation
  • Word-of-Mouth Monitor


  • Domain registration & hosting
  • Website development & adaption
  • Translations & copywriting
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEA / SEO


  • Corporate design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Video, Banner, Mobile website Development
  • Print, Posters, Coupons, Salesfolder


  • Analytics
  • Reviews
  • Clippings

Know-how is measurable

Study the past if you divine the future.

Asian Credential

The best proof is experience.

  • flexi
  • Montblanc
  • Kaldewei
  • Cavendish & Harvey
  • Axent

Frequently asked questions

Which countries do you service?
We employ marketing specialist from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea.
Do you have access to local support?
Yes. We also work with a host of specialists and with smaller companies in all countries we monitor.
How do you organise your work?
We assign your brand to a Chinese marketing specialist in Hamburg who then works closely with a German Account Director to fully comprehend the complexity of your brand. This team is then responsible take care of analysis, creations, and reporting.
Where do your employees come from?
They come from all walks of life. They live in Hamburg and are here to study or gain working experience. They all have either a marketing or an advertising background and are generally under 35 years old.
Are you an advertising agency?
No. But we do have over 25 years of advertising experience as our backbone; and leverage it to help German brands succeed in China and other emerging Asian countries. More importantly, it is not our intention to pitch for the German account!
Are you spezialized to any specific category?
No, we service everything from fmcg to durable and luxury brands.
Are you a translation agency?
No, but we speak all Asian languages fluently.
What is the relationship between you and my distributor or my local office?
We provide services to better faciliate your local distributior or office, ranging from consulting, marketing materials to sales kit; our scope of work are always adapted to your request.
What does it cost to work with you?
We have a transparent price list, so that you know exactly what costs to expect.